Nico Denaldo
[vocals, guitars]

Rick Taggert
[synths, programming, vocals]

[lead vocals]

Taylor “Paco” Ripley
[synths, programming, bass, vocals]


Vanillaphase are an eclectic, four piece electronic music project from Cleveland, Ohio who believe in the cross pollination of ideas from a diversity of genres. This unique tour-de-force in musical surrealism was formed in the depths of the pandemic by Nico Denaldo, Paco Ripley, Rick Taggert and vocal powerhouse Generic Goth Girl.

Harnessing the power of bone-shaking beats welded with catchy melodies, lush harmonies, and spacey atmospherics, Vanillaphase have been described as “a musical portal to a blissed out galaxy”. Their heavy, yet polished electronic sound is a satisfying, seamless mix of trip hop, post-industrial and beyond, touching on elements of their collective influences, ranging from Thrill Kill Kult and Meat Beat Manifesto to Aphex Twin and The Orb.

With the help of tantra and herbal medicine, they have released an EP – One Trick Pony (Feb. 16th, 2021), an album – Magic Suitcase (August 12, 2022) and various singles, all of which cover everything from male stripper anthems and send ups of wannabe players to ruminations on the hazards of modern technology and dating.  And their performances are nothing short of a spectacle:  sultry vocals, live guitar and bass and lush synths combine to a shimmering, thunderous and one-of-a-kind effect that’s not to be missed!

In 2024, Vanillaphase is continuing to craft those distinct, hypersonic grooves that activate body, mind and soul and is looking to greatly expand their listening audience and live performance resumé.


“Hanging with our friends in Vanillaphase tonight!! If you’re fans of Massive Attack, Tricky, or Portishead… Do yourself a favor and go check them out!! So good!”

– Ryan Neuhaus, The Agora Theatre

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